Local Activities

There is lots to do and lots to see in and around the Slanghoek / Breedekloof area. The area has plentiful fauna, flora and birdlife for nature enthusiasts, and lots of trails, roads and tracks for sports enthusiasts. For those who enjoy food and drink, there are a multitude of padstals, restaurants, wine farms and gin distilleries to keep the taste buds tantalised. 

Activities like 4×4 trails can be organised for you at an additional cost.

Things to do


Hiking can be done in and around the farm, or on the mountainside, or locally. 

Wine Tasting

The area is a wine farming district, so there are lots of wine cellars to try.

Star Gazing

The campsite is the perfect spot for star gazing at night – galaxies, the milky way, planets and more. 


Bikes can be ridden around the farm tracks, or on local mountain bike routes.

Farm Stalls

Produce, treats and preserves are readily available in the locally supplied farm stalls. 


You can walk in and around the farm on the farm roads giving you an easy chilled bit of exercise in the fresh air.

Bird watching

There is a multitude of bird life in and around the farm, mountains and valley.


Dine in a range of restaurants from local pubs to upmarket restaurants.

4x4 Trails

4×4 outings can be organised for an extra bit of fun for you or your family. 


There is a dam at the campsite, and rivers in the area for kayaking or canoeing  .

Hot Springs

Soak away your stress in the Goudini Hot Springs Resort for the day.

Nature photography

The mountains, vistas and views are enticing for any nature photographer.

Blog Reviews

Wandering Closer To Home - Slanghoek - Kraalkloof Camp

After packing up, we all said our goodbyes and agreed Kraalkloof Camp is unique and well worth a visit.

Glamping in the mountains

I can’t recommend Kraalskloof highly enough. It’s not going to be difficult to persuade our tribe to join us next time.